Ready To Start Generating 50-100 Business Loan Leads Every Month On Complete Auto-Pilot For Your Lending Business?
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What you're about to get access to...
  • A fully automated and PROVEN business loan lead generation system that brings in 50-100 leads every single month for under $10 a piece...
  • My tested email follow up system that turns lukewarm leads into SUPER HOT leads that want funding NOW!
  • Watch me build Live Campaigns from scratch with Step-by-Step video training for building industry-specific ad campaigns that bring in your own EXCLUSIVE lending leads...
No more cold-calling, door-knocking, or buying leads that have been called 20 times already...
The Lending Lead Gen Academy gives you a roadmap that literally takes you by the hand, on to my computer screen, and shows you step-by-step, piece-by-piece, how to build your very own Lead Generation Machine that will consistently generate 50-100 or more Business Loan leads every single month in multiple industries...

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Stay up-to-date on the latest strategies that I am PERSONALLY testing in the lending industry to make sure we are always able to generate high-quality leads at the lowest cost possible.

The Private Facebook Group

Get access to my private Facebook group where my team and I will personally answer any questions you have or address any challenges you're facing. Get mentored by the best in the industry in this group.
What Exactly Is Inside The Lending Lead Gen Academy? Let's take a quick tour...
Module #1:  The Foundation
  • The Facebook Page: Create a killer, high-converting Facebook page that's ready to advertise with
  • H: Explain the benefit of your products
  • Icon: Change the icons in the settings
Module #2:  Facebook Ads and Funnels
  • The Facebook Ad: Watch me as I build multiple ads from scatch
  • Highly-Targeted Audiences: Learn how to target people who actually WANT funding
  • The Pre-Qualification Funnel: Customize your new funnel to generate SUPER HOT lending leads
  • Retargeting: Set up powerful Retargeting campaigns that capture additional leads you didn't get in the first campaign
Module #3:  Automation and Follow Up
  • Automated Lead Generation: Learn how to completely automate your lead generation
  • My 5 Email Follow Up Sequence: Copy and Paste my email sequence that converts your new leads
  • Content Creation: My secret "weapon" for using other people's content
Module #4:  Tips, Tricks, and Resources
  • Facebook Ad Copywriter: My secret tool that writes Facebook ad copy FOR you
  • Spy on Competition: Find ads that your competitors are running and mimick the ones that work
  • Facebook Interest Discovery: Find out which interests you're using are producing the best results
  • Know Your Numbers: Metrics you should look at to determine what's working and what's not
Still Not Enough? Check Out The Awesome Bonuses You Get As Well...
Bonus #1:  A Done-For-You Pre-Qualification Funnel ($497 value)
You may have seen from my YouTube videos the immense power of a Pre-Qualification Funnel in your business. 

This funnel takes the leads you generate from your Facebook ad campaigns and turns them into SUPER HOT leads by reconfirming their contact information AND obtaining additional information about their business. These are leads you definitely want to call quick!

The best part is, you get this completely free as a bonus with the Academy.
Bonus #2:  The Power of Chatbots Mini-Course ($997)
What if you could get 80-90% of your leads to open your messages/follow up content? To put this in perspective, imagine having a list of 100 people and 80-90 of them opened every single message you send out. Think you might close a few extra deals from that? 

You bet your ass you would.

My "Power of Chatbots" mini-course shows you how to set up these incredibly powerful Chatbots and implement them into your lending business to convert more of the leads you generate. And it's yours free with the Academy.
Bonus #3:  Brand New Business Loan Website ($497 value)
Most lending professionals I meet have a website. But most of them suck. They're incredibly confusing, look unprofessional, and do absolutely nothing to generate leads/clients.

I'm going to fix that for you. When you join the Lending Lead Gen Academy, you will also receive a brand new, professional looking website template that you can customize specifically for your business and will be set up to actually generate leads for your business.
Bonus #4:  One Month of One-on-One Coaching ($1497 value)
Worried you might miss something or this might be too much for you? What if something goes wrong and the ads aren't working? That's why you're also going to get an entire month of one-on-one coaching with me personally, to make sure you're getting the results you want.

Once a week for the month, you and I will get on a zoom, screen-sharing call where we'll go through every inch of your new lead generation machine to make sure it's set up and working properly.
Serious About Your Lending Business?
Then you need to dominate your market with Online Lead Generation.
Get access to the Lending Lead Gen Academy while it's so cheap...
Want to see proof? Check out some REAL campaign results!
Here's what one of my students had to say...
30 Day Results-Based Money Back Guarantee
The Lending Lead Gen Academy comes with a 30 day Results-Based, 100% money back guarantee. That means if you follow the exact steps provided in the Academy, invest at least $200 in ad spend, and don't generate any leads, I will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

But I am so confident that you're going to get so much value from this Academy for years to come, that you're going to completely forget about the measly investment it took to enroll. You'll be too busy calling leads and closing loans.
Frequently Asked Questions
How soon will I start generating leads?
That really depends on how fast you get through the training and if you're following the action steps. While specific results can't be guaranteed, Module 2 is designed to allow you to create a "Fast-Track" Facebook ad campaign that starts generating leads the day you launch it.
Are the leads that come in high-quality?
Like any form of marketing, you're going to get some people that submit bad information, change their mind, stubbed their toe that morning and want to take it out on you...who the hell knows. However, there are also plenty of good leads that come in that want to do business with you. Some people might want a loan right away. Some might want one in 6 months. Some you might not get a hold of until your 10th try. This is business. You have to have persistence in your sales and follow up. The Academy fills your pipeline up so you always have Business Owners to reach out to.
Can I get a refund?
As long as you show that you've actually taken action, followed the training in the Academy, and invested at least $200 in ad spend to generate leads, then you can absolutely get a refund within 30 days of your purchase. I do this due to the nature of the information provided in the Academy. When you get access, you'll see just how powerful the information and strategies really are. And just like you wouldn't want someone stealing from you, I don't want people stealing from me either. That's why I require proof of action and investment to make sure that only serious business owners enter the Academy. Not thieves who's only intention is to gain access, acquire as much information and strategy as they can, get a refund who are not just trying to take someone's hard work, ask for a refund, and then go use the exact strategies they just stole. Not happening!
Can I hire a Virtual Assistant to implement everything for me?
You absolutely can. However, I would recommend still going through the training and getting acquainted with the accounts, tools, and resources so that you can properly manage your VA and be able to determine if the right work is being done.
What if I don't know anything about Online Marketing?
While some experience in online marketing would certainly help, it's definitely not required. The Academy was designed to educate through hands on training. Meaning you don't just learn how to build a massive lead generation machine, you're shown exactly how to do it. I am literally sharing my screen virtually throughout the entire training program showing you every click I make and every website I visit so you can follow right along. You are even provided with scripts, ad copy, ad images, and even an entire funnel that you can just import, to get you started.
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